We love this quote – “Nine out of ten people love chocolate, the tenth lies.” John Tullius Let’s face it: chocolate is one of life’s greatest pleasures – all over the world people love chocolate.

Chocolate Tasters Club
It has been the inspiration for novelists and filmmakers to produce wonderful movies like “Chocolat” and “Chocolate Factory” and because of its provocative and intoxicating flavour, chocolate has become known as “the food of the gods and the symbol of love”. Gourmet gifts of handmade chocolates are given to friends, family and lovers on some of our most celebrated occasions like Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Chocolate has been seducing us for centuries beginning with the Mayan Indians of Mexico who were amongst the first chocolate lovers to believe it was a gift from the gods — a sentiment still shared by many of us today. Chocolate is a sensual indulgence for women as it portrays images of love and romance and for this reason it has become a way for men to show their appreciation and love for the women in their lives.

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