Commandments for eating Chocolate

Chocolate is a magical food, it makes everything taste better…. well not everything, there are a few foods that are not enhanced by chocolate. Sometimes you can miss the mark when you mix the wrong chocolate with the wrong fruit – honeydew melon and milk chocolate for example. But then there are times when you add chocolate to a food, and the combination is so mouth-watering it brings tears of joy!

So let’s look at a few really good, and some really bad combinations:

The Worst Chocolate Pairings: Eggs: Why you would put eggs and chocolate together I don’t know (maybe a chocolate fondue incident?). If you are tempted to try it let me save your taste buds – don’t do it! Onions: The evil gag of dipping onion in chocolate, and playing it off as chocolate covered orange is alive and well. Don’t be fooled, otherwise you’ll be haunted forever. Mashed Potatoes: Don’t use ‘chocolate gravy’ on your mashed potatoes. Enough said.

The Very Best Chocolate Pairings: Cheese: Good chocolate paired with a selection of cheeses and a glass of decent red wine makes most people happy. The salt in the cheese is a great way to show off the smooth flavours of chocolate.

Experiment with combinations: either flavours that contrast, or combinations that are similar. You won’t know which you like more until you try it. Strawberries: Of course this combination would be on the ‘Best’ list. The slightly sweet and slightly tart flavour of the strawberry is the perfect partner to creamy chocolate. There is a reason you find them at every social gathering during strawberry season – everybody loves them.

Peanut Butter: A little salty and subtlety sweet peanut butter, is a legendary combination when mixed with chocolate. Try chocolate cake with a peanut butter topping, chocolate peanut butter cups or peanut and chocolate chip biscuits. Note for those with peanut allergies! And a controversial one that is on both lists… Bacon: There are elements to bacon that mean chocolate will complement this breakfast staple – it’s salty and slightly sweet (depending on the type). But the thought of putting chocolate on meat will put most people off, so it’s an instant ‘yuck’. However, if you have tried Mexican mole or if you like to rub cocoa on your beef before cooking, you might see that a bacon and chocolate combination may not be so crazy after all.

So what’s your pick? What is the best or the worst food you can pair with chocolate? If you need some help in deciding which chocolate would go best with which fruit flavour, check out our Chocolate Fruit Sensations page and you’ll quickly get an idea of what flavours work well together.