Commandments for eating Chocolate

1. Thou shall only eat top quality chocolate

2. Thou shall eat chocolate every day

3. Thou shall honour both milk and dark chocolate

4. Thou shall find creative ways to eat chocolate

5. Thou shall always have an emergency supply of chocolate

6. Thou shalt never give the kids the ‘good chocolate’

7. Thou shalt not covet thy neighbors chocolate (buy your own)

8. Thou shalt not cook with cheap chocolate

9. Thou shall always remember where the emergency supply of chocolate is kept

10. Thou shall savour every morsel of chocolate


These would be my 10 Commandments for Chocoholics, but what would be yours? Or would you swap out one for something else?


The great thing about House of Chocolate, is that you know that the chocolate you buy is top quality so you don’t have to fear buying chocolate that isn’t up to standard, so keeping true to the first Commandment. I do have a recommendation however, make sure your emergency stash is up high enough so the kids can’t find it! There’s nothing worse than finding yourself in a situation where you need your emergency chocolate, only to find that it’s been raided! Don’t put yourself in that situation.


Do you have recommendations of what to keep in your emergency chocolate stash? Maybe some good quality chocolate that is great for eating and great for cooking? Or maybe if you need your emergency stash, you should really make it worth it, a beautiful Bonbon Box, would make any stressful situation a little more manageable. So tell us, what’s in your emergency stash? If you’re willing to share, WHERE do you keep your emergency stash?